Closed-Loop Current Sensors for 150 - 350 A

High precision current measurement for demanding applications

With the ongoing electrification, the demand for high precision current measurement continues to rise.  

VAC introduces a new line of closed-loop phase current sensors with a primary opening optimized for busbars. They are ideally suited for the measurement of DC, AC, and pulsed currents in current range of 150 A to 350 A.


  • highest accuracy for AC and DC measurement
  • wide measuring range
  • very compact design



Technical Data 

  • +5 V power supply
  • Accuracy of <0.7 % for nominal current and room temperature
  • reaction time <1 µs
  • Frequency range DC to 200 kHz

Typical Applications

  • DC charging stations
  • PV inverters
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Upcoming Standard Products

The following table shows prelimary data which has to be confirmed after first article production. The listed products are currently being introduced into production. If you like to get sample quantities for testing, please contact us directly, using the contact form below. 

T60404-N4647- Primary nominal current Primary peak current Prototype designation
  [A] [A]  
P280 150 300 K30498
P281 200 450 K30446
P282 250 600 K30325
P283 300 700 K30499
P284 350 800 K30500


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