High Current Sensors

Precision for high performance applications in compact design

Our compact current sensor with high measuring accuracy for a rated current of 1,700 A is the first one with a MOSFET class D output stage. This allows a higher compensation current with less power losses compared to a linear output stage. 

The result is the most compact compensation current sensor for DC and AC rated currents above 1,000 A. In this performance class, the sensor is far ahead of other available sensors in the market in terms of price and space requirements. In many applications it is now possible to replace an oversized current sensor with 2000 A nominal current and thus to realize a cheaper and smaller solution.


  • High rated current of 1,700 A in very compact design
  • Large measuring range up to 3,400 A
  • Low offset (0.1 mA) and very low temperature drift (0.1 %)
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Superior dynamic properties (rise time and response time < 0.5 μs)
  • Low power consumption (31 mA + compensation current)



Typical Applications

The new 1,700 A high-current sensor has been developed especially for applications in frequency converters, high-performance drive systems, wind turbines, PV inverters and battery storage systems. Due to its very compact design, it contributes significantly to increasing the power density in the overall application.

Measuring Range

The graph shows the measuring range (IP, max) as a function of the primary rated current (IPN).

The new generation allows a measuring range IP, max. over 3,400 A at 20 °C ambient temperature and a rated current IPN of 1700 A. As shown in the graph, this measuring range increases again at lower rated currents. A maximum measurement error of 0.5 % is guaranteed over the entire measurement and temperature range.


High Current Sensors

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